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Bruce Houston
You asked for a response well here it is:
The current situation is what happens when politics meets the sport of
baseball or any other sport for that fact. As I understand it and this
is only based on a one year observation Will Dorthy was given a position
in the HDL as Director of Player Communications. I am not sure what the
responsibility of that position held but judging from the title I would
estimate that Will was to listen to the players concerns and take them
back to the President and VP to have them addressed. He would also
communicate back to the players changes or updates about the HDL
league. Will also tried to do a couple of things outside of the scope
of the core HDL agenda to try and improve the player’s enjoyment in the
league. A few of these things included:
Ø creating a contact list of all the players and their outside interest
to generate fellowship and camaraderie other than that of baseball.
Ø he also tried to generate a round robin tournament to kick off the
season pitting teams from the Latino league, MSBL, and other that would
generate extra money for the coffers of the HDL.
Apparently Will went over board in his attempt to improve the player
satisfaction in the HDL league and his efforts fell on deaf ears. Keep
in mind that my comments are from my observations (1 year) and my
conversations with Will and comments that I have overheard from other
tenured players. I have not heard from the officer’s side (Larry,
Robert, Mark) of the house on what Will was or was not proposing for the
HDL last season. However, I would suggest that the officers poll those
players that will be participating with Will in the MSLB this season and
ask themselves if they had addressed the concerns raised by them and if
Will was truly that far off the mark with the issues he brought to the
attention of the officers.

Larry, I have already told you that I am playing this year in the HDL
but I also told you that I had entertained the thought of playing in the
MSBL, not because of what I saw my first year in the league but because
of the timing of their games on Sunday and family responsibilities at
home. At the same time I have given you concerns that I think need
addressing within the HDL surrounding the draft process and the Gene
Brady rule. The officers need to look at the players that have decided
to play in the MSBL this year and notice that these are not 1st year
players such as myself but folks that have been in the HDL a few years
5+. I think they may be saying that something is broken in the HDL and
needs to be fixed. I don’t fault Will for what he is doing he is simply
following through on what he said he would do. He is not trying
anything underhanded (that I can see) but simply laying out the options
for those that had concerns about the HDL and offering them another
option in the MSBL if that is what they want.

So now it’s the time to sh_t or get off the pot let the folks on both
sides of the fences know your intentions and state them so a game plan
can be made and we can move on. I hate to see push come to shove as
Larry has laid out in his letter but decisions have to be made so let
the HDL or MSBL know of your commitment. I hope that issues can be
resolved and we only have to go through one season of this split
HDL/MSBL mess cause you all seem to be a decent group of guys. You can
only please some of the people all of the time and all of the people
some of the time but throwing stones and pointing fingers at each other
gets us no where. Communicating and listening are two wonderful tools
when used correctly.

Ok, I’m finished with my comments about the situation and let it be
known that I’m not a pu__y as the Todd has termed it cause I did
respond. Everyone respond cause it’s a slow day here at the office and
I need some reading. See you on the field this Sunday, good Lord
willing and the creek don’t rise. If you have comments for me than feel
free to send them to