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Bill Brigance
I am not totally sure where the previous message was going.
This is my response and my response only ! So , lets not get any riff raff going after reading MY RESPONSE , OK !
1st of all , Yes , I am fully dedicated to the HDL this year as I have been the last 4 or 5 years and on the other hand I am fully dedicated to the MSBL ( Go Cards ) , these were my decisions and mine only ! Will I miss any games for either , oh hell no , What ! I said Hell No !
I agree we cannot ignore the fact that the HDL has lost some players and it was for various reasons , not just one or two , some felt pushed away , some didn't like the way the league was being run , some wanted more competition , I mean it was several things here guys. But no one was ever pressured into making a decision to join the MSBL. To tell ya the truth , some guys were not coming back to the HDL , so , Thank You Willy D. for giving some a chance to play this Year !
I have said that " the only reason that I am playing MSBL is because I wanted to play with Will " oh yeah and I even told Will that. But there are a couple more minor reasons also. What ? Yeah a couple more !
Lets talk about Will Dorothy , What? yeah Dorothy ! Will is a great friend of mine ( I consider him my BROTHER , What ? I said Brother ) as he is many of y'alls. He tells it like it is and some can't handle that but on the other hand , he wants others to be just as honest with him and tell him like it is. ( That can be fun sometimes , not very often you get to set a Damn Yankee straight , HeHe ). I know last year is last year but it seems our last year has caught up with us this year. Will was an officer and he did the best damn job he could do ! He took in a lot of bitchin from a lot of people , and seemed to not be able to take it to the level he wanted to , to get the problems solved , but not without a valid effort , he never wanted to take over the HDL. Guys , I tell ya , I think the biggest loss to the HDL is not having Will Dorothy out there with us this year. As we all know , Will decided to take a year off away from the HDL for obvious reasons and he will be missed dearly ! But that didn't mean the man had to take a year away from playing ball. For the record folks , What ? I said Folks ! Will did not go out and draft people from the HDL , HDL players went to him looking for something new ! So , if some are trapped or indecisive , I suggest this , If you feel that you can't play in the MSBL , tell the man cause I guarantee you he will see you as the same person you were before the MSBL was ever mentioned and the same goes If you feel you can't play in 2 leagues and choose the MSBL over the HDL , tell Larry , don't leave him hanging out there wondering. They both would appreciate the honesty. What ? Yup Honesty ! Be true to yourself though !
Now , this I really don't understand ! It's called players defecting to the MSBL now will NOT be allowed to re-join the HDL after the official season begins or by April 21st if dues are not paid in full. Now talk about feeling trapped , whew ! That's some serious pressure on some people. My Vote is to not even bring that up because , what is it a player must have played in 5 games to qualify for the playoffs ? I need more clarification , What ? ( I said Clarification , thank god for spell check ) because to me it sounds as if players are being told that if they go play for the MSBL that they are not welcome in the HDL. I just need to know what the interpretation of DEFECT means in that sentence. I have seen new players come in at the end of the season every year just about play~off time , is that changing ?
HDL ~ 65 years , man that's awesome and just to be a part of that tradition , I am honored. Tippin my hat to all those before us that put the HDL together and the one's that keep it going to date , to allow us the opportunity to still get out there and play this great game of baseball with FRIENDS ! I am all for keeping the HDL alive for us and for the future kids who will need a place to play when they reach that great age of 30+ !
BottomLine Is:~~ I have good FRIENDS playing in both leagues , so , this year , I am going to be playing Baseball with all my FRIENDS.
Just A Thought ~~ You know it wouldn't hurt for either league to give a little support to the other and come out and watch some games this year. A game is over when the umpire says get off the field but a friendship last a lifetime if you want it to !
So , lets all have a great year , if in the HDL or MSBL , I wish everyone the best.
Well , that's about it , don't even know if I made any sense there but had a good time writing it !
One more thing guys ~~~Never look down on someone unless you are extending your hand to help them up~~~
HDL Member
7 What ? ( I said 7 )