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Rule Changes
As a result of issues discussed in November, the following are changes or implementations of rules to affect the League this year:

Trade Rule-
Three players per team will be "frozen" by the manager and not traded.  There will be specific dates for any trades on: Memorial Day, week following July 4th and last trade no later than July 31st.  Managers to have an opportunity to be involved in any discussions.

Draft Process-
Top 12 pitchers will be grouped into four 3-man squads and selected by the managers.

Officer Meetings-
Monthly meetings before or after a game.  There will be three league member meetings per year for players to discuss issues of concern.

Bating Order Rules-
Extra players must rotate weekly to affect different players.  No player may rotate in a batting position with another player but once every three weeks.  Any rotated player must be used in the top six spots in the line up.  A maximum of 11 batting positions per team.

Pitching Limits(nicknamed: Weaver rule)-
Any pitcher may only appear in a total of eight innings in any two game series.

Umpire Changes-
A new Director of Umpires is to be appointed by March 15th.  Umpires will be continually reminded that player ejection's must follow league protocol and all unsportsmanlike behavior must be reported to a League officer prior to ejecting a player.

New Organizational Format-
If you are interested in applying for any of the new Director positions, notify Larry Rutledge.  The following positions are available:

   Director of Communications
   Director of Fields & Equipment
   Director of Umpires
   Director of Finances
   Director of Records & Stats

All candidates must meet the following minimum qualifications:

   Minimum of three years in the league
   Dues paying member in good standing
   Attendance of at least 80% of games played
   High Moral Character(no comment on this one)