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Officer's Crib
This is a place to read messages from the HDL officers and ask them your own question you may like answered. To create a smoother transition to comments, each response has it's own page.  Click their link to read their comments and you will find Larry's initial statement on the same page.  Do not be shy, write back to this web site and post your thoughts by clicking link below.

HDL President Larry Rutledge writes on 3/11/02:

"HDL 2002 - "Will there be a four team HDL League?"


HDL Batting Champ(3/12/02)

Chef Buzzy(3/12/02)

Johnny Eddlemon(3/12/02)

Don Hinkle(3/14/02)Parts 1 and 2

Bruce Houston(3/12/02)

Pedro Arrechea(3/12/02) Includes reply from Larry



Jamin Fleming(3/14/02)

Robert Miller(3/17/02)
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