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Fan Feedback
HDLMemphis------>The Web Site, received this e-mail from an old friend:

just wanted to drop a line to the hdl group to say i miss very much being
out of town the last several years and not being able to play ball......

although never a big contributor the 4 yrs i got in during the mid 90s they
were all on league championship teams.......

i miss it a bunch......

i would still like to be on your email distribution list concerning league
events, etc. if that is acceptable.......

you guys have a great finish to the year in the upcoming months........
maybe i can drop in next time im in town......

thx much....... jejeje

Johnnie T. Edwards, III
Senior Director, Hub Primetime Operation
Emery Worldwide

Either someone leaked this web site address out or we're, baby!!!  Great to hear from Johnnie Edwards, a veteran of a couple of Blue team championships.

Bill Brigance writes on 8/29/01:

Kojack ,
Finally you are meeting our baseball needs , only other thing for you to do is get on the mound and pitch so we can raise our averages a little higher or our HBP will go up. HeHeHe !! You getting there -- very good job -- Brudda !!
Keep up the good work ,

Gee thanks, Bill.  Can someone translate what he wrote for me, please?

A fan writes:

Dear Sir ,
I am a great fan of Memphis Baseball and I have been putting together a book over the past few years about non-professional Baseball in Memphis. I found your league , the MSBL and two other leagues of over 30 baseball and I think that is great. I wish that I was still able to play but the old bones can't take it anymore. The Book " Never Fading , The Star Still Shines " will be complete next May , and will only be sold in Memphis ( To Start ). I am adding characters from all four leagues and am asking all leagues to keep sites current to the end of this season.
Thank You For Your Time ,

First of all, he addressed us as "sir".  I thought that was funny for some reason.  I looked behind me when I read it to see if Gene was standing there.  But more importantly he somehow found the site and what he is talking about seems very least to us that play ball in Memphis.  I can't see this being a big, successful novel in Des Moines, Iowa...........unless he uses some of my articles from this web site.  Then again you never know and I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that I hope this endeavor works out for the author of the e-mail.  So, if you have any questions regarding the league you can always catch one of our games and talk to a few of the players.  Our schedule is listed on this site.
Best of luck to you, Memphis.

Don Miller writes on 8/22/01:

What this site needs is to list the league officers and their phone numbers where they can be reached. Every once in a while we might need these guys to actually do something and it would be much easier to harass them that way.

Don Miller

P.S.-The D.H rule and the Cubs Suck!

You know, Don?   It could not have been said what were you saying?  I guess the league officers names could be listed here, but don't we know who they are?  But, more importantly;
don't we all have a phone list with everyone's number on it?  Perhaps that could prove of assistance.  
As far as harassing them goes, it might get in the way of the important business of the league.  

P.S. You're right, the Cubs do suck.  I don't know what D***head rule you're speaking of though.

Bill Brigance writes on 8/14/01:

Baldy ,
I know you ain't got jack to do , so update this page !


Thanks for the note, Bill.  See I told you there were no dumb questions.

Jamin Fleming writes on 8/16/01:

If your gonna update the page , you should also update the stats. That way
we have a little bit more to look at other that your Documentaries.

Thanks for your words of encouragement, Jamin.  Notice that Jamin says "That way
we have a little bit more to look at other that your Documentaries".  First, they aren't documentaries;  
they are editorials.  Secondly, you said "that" instead of "than your Documentaries".  Just a point of future reference.  If  you look closely, Jamin, you will find  your stats toward the bottom of the page.  Good luck this weekend.

Keep the fan mail coming!!