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Officer's Crib Archive
Robert Miller writes on 8/29/01:

FRIDAY NIGHT GAMES are great and I believe that most of us really enjoy being able to play them. HOWEVER, some problems have arisen due to these friday games. 1) some players, namely Scott Sheno and William Lawson are usually unable to attend due to their work schedules --2) the HDL budget is not funded for the $40 light fee that we have to pay the Park Commission. Now, that's really not much money-and i feel confident that the players will be willing to contribute the money to repay the league. i want all of the readers/players to discuss these issues because the officers are going to have to discuss them as well and we want your input so that our meetings on these subjects will be as league-friendly as possible.

B) Some of you may be aware that I was going to have a HDL family pool party at my house on Saturday 1 September 01. It is CANCELLED. I am having to go out of town Thursday and Friday, and Leslie has become sick and may be out of commission for several days. I am very sorry--and we will re-schedule the event. If some of you didn't know about the party- it's because 2 weeks ago my plans changed due to a deposition I must give out of town- and I decided not to tell anyone else about the party because I felt that it would be cancelled anyway.

C) Wasn't it great to hear from Johnnie Edwards. It appears that the HDL Website is a big hit. I hope that all of the former HDL players will hear about it and be able to stay in-touch with the league. Again---GREAT JOB !

Please post this to the site as soon as possible.
Robert MIller
HDL Vice-President

"What you talkin' bout, Willis" Dorothy writes this:
While I agree that Friday night games are a positive thing for this league, I strongly suggest that the issue be taken to the Managers from where it can be filtered through the players more accurately. You will find that William and Scott are not the only players who will have troubles with Fridays. Pedro is another such player! We won't know the final figures until we ask.
The financial issue (for the lights) can be underwritten by a sponsor if we approach the right people, the right way. Enjoy the long weekend! I will wee some of you Monday, and others on Wednesday!

Damn Yankee

From Editor:
I can understand all sides of this issue and see where Will is going with this.  However, I view the league much like a club and the members just happen to divide up into teams to compete in their passion for baseball.  We don't know how much is spent on the league for shirts, balls, umpires, field permits, etc.  With that said, my question would be(based on some e-mails I've received and my own curiosity) why can't the league afford to pay the $40 for the lights?  Here is a breakdown of how it may be done:
Dues $100/season
      x players   x51(approximate active)
Total dues $5,100
Sponsor fees $1,000($250/team*)
Total $6,100
Field permit fees $0
Umpires $1,170(plate umpire/season)
   $910(field umpire/season)
Baseballs(season)    $650
Shirts    $420**
Total expenses $3,150
Net total $2,950

*- $250 per team sponsor, if this is accurate.  Thought I read that was what we were asking.
**-based on 15 shirts per  team @ approx. $7/each, w/ shirts left over from last season excluded.
The banquet wasn't considered since it should pay for itself at $25/person this past year.  Also,
trophies weren't thrown in, but they wouldn't total $2,950 as we know.  So, it would appear that we could have enough to cover the lights, if necessary.

But, taking all of the above into consideration that is assuming that all dues are paid.  I know my own and a few others are paid in full at the start of the season.  We split that up into half seasons to make it more reasonable for those that choose that option.  The thing may be that there are those in the league that do not pay their dues and are still playing.  I'm not sure how that works, but it wouldn't appear to be fair to the dues paying players in the league.  Those dues paid players are carrying the league for everyone else, including the expenses outlined above.  

Any and all feedback on this is appreciated.

Bruce Houston adds his thoughts on the subject:
1) Since the season is almost over I assume this discussion about Friday
night games is to plan for the 02' season. Although I missed a make up
game that was scheduled on a Friday I wouldn't mind playing a few
Friday night games. The temps are somewhat cooler and it's a great way
to start the weekend. We are all going to miss a few games for a
variety of reasons. If a few Friday night games can be planned and it
doesn't completely wipe out a players season then I don't see a problem
with it. Hopefully Scott and William will write back to offer their
input on the topic.

2) Collection for the cost of the lights is the problem not the cost of
the lights itself. A couple of bucks per player for the teams playing
is not that big of a deal. If the officers are seriously considering
night games for next year then you may want to roll that cost into the
league fees at the beginning of the year. Again, it's not the cost but
it's the collection of the funds that is difficult.
Great job on the web site! I'll bring a digital camera next week and
get a few shots for the site. Pictures always say a 1000 words....See
you guys on the diamond.....Bruce

Feedback from editor:
I happen to really like the Friday night games and understand it can be tough on some folks, but a good thing for others.  There are games even on Sundays that these two specific players aren't able to make it.  I would say the majority should rule. I will go with the majority on this, but my preference is for Friday night games.

Please e-mail your preference or remarks.