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Pedro Arrechea
I wasn't going to reply to Larry's note, since after all, due to my job situation I may not be here to play with anyone, HDL or MSBL. But a few insisted, therefore, please allow me to put my 2 cents.
It is interesting to see the reaction of the officers (I presume that Larry's note was "approved" by the officers) to a few defections. Instead of trying to find out why these defections are occurring, the reaction is one of trying to close the doors. A person, anyone, can show up any Sunday, pay his $5.00 and play (limited or not) while the officers are considering preventing ex-HDL players from doing the same.
A more productive way of dealing with these defections is to determine why core, loyal HDL players are trying something else. These people are not your once in a while players. These are players that are showing up every Sunday morning. Maybe they have something to say, don't you think? Is closing the door the answer?
Again, it is not Will Dorothy's problem, he is not trying to destroy HDL, -remember if these loyal, core players were happy, Will would have no one to play with! So please, do not make him the scapegoat. Last year, he had many things to say, ideas to implement, and while I did not agree with his methods 100% of the time (and God knows that I try to moderate some) he was ignored and undermined in many cases.
Last year, end of the season meeting was a good start to address some of these concerns that these core players had. Participation was small, due in part to a misunderstanding on the timing-place by many of the players. But even in this meeting, some of these concerns were dismissed.
The "Weaver Rule" was implemented even when it was rejected by the people in the meeting. The "Gene Rule" is back, even when it was dismissed in the meeting. And the Trade Rule is still too Officers controlled, leaving coaches in mid-air about changes in their team. And these was not the flavor that the people in the meeting wanted. "Don't ask for feedback if you will ignore it" -so goes the business rules!
I really hope that the attitude changes. I have many friends on both side of this fence but when core players are unhappy, there is a problem and for the good of HDL, it is better to address these than to ignore them.

Pedro Arrechea

Pedro Arrechea
Pedro: I don't want to restart "email wars" again this year. That is exactly how we got into the confusion that evolved last year. We need to talk to each other to get issues resolved. Emails just spread words that are always taken out of context.
But to address your questions:
- No, the other officers did not tell me to make a statement about the "state of the league." We
have had some general discussions and I have been going to Will Dorothy's team practices.
My "concerns" are based on feedback and lack of feedback that I have gotten so far. As
players attend scheduled practices and games we will continue to listen to everyone and
make changes to accommodate ANY concerns.
- As I stated, "the players will vote on whether MSBL players should be allowed to
use the HDL as their "practice time" for their MSBL games, at the expense of how other
players who are trying to enjoy playing HDL baseball." This abuse has been going on
for the past few years with only a few players and this year it could be a greater disruption.
- Don't you think I have tried to find out about "why" players are not planning to play in the HDL
this year? I have. Each person that has talked to me has their own individual reason for
choosing to make a choice between HDL & MSBL. As I said, I respect their reasons, it is
their choice.
- I have no intentions to "make Will a scapegoat". I am just stating fact.
- All rules changes we are making this year were approved by "majority vote". The democratic
process is based on majority, not unanimous results. There will always be someone that is
not 100% "happy" with changes or rules.
- Trade rules: Last year was messed up. Trades always start out as "good intentions" but we
don't seem to be having good success with that process. My perfect dream would be for the
HDL to go a whole season without ANY trades ever being discussed or needed.
- The "Gene Rule" may or may not be necessary. We actually have a new manager that wants
to draft Gene for permanent assignment. Gene Brady loves playing baseball just like
everyone else. He deserves our respect.
I hope you are not upset with me for trying to provide leadership for the HDL. I am always trying
to do what is best for everyone....all players and the long-term growth and prosperity of the HDL
tradition. Let me repeat myself: I don't want to restart "email wars" again this year. That is exactly how we got into the confusion that evolved last year. We need to talk to each other to get issues resolved. Emails just spread words that are always taken out of context.
Sincerely, Larry